Shopping Antiques in Leominster

Leominster, a Town of Antiques by Annie MacDougall

Or should that be the town of antiques? If a whole batch of recent television programmes are to be believed Leominster is the town of antiques…… So how did that happen? I have spent the last month asking assorted dealers that very question and despite having had some extremely interesting conversations – I’m none the wiser! Apparently it just evolved, quietly and without fuss, into what it is now. Perhaps it’s the random lack of uniformity in the shop buildings that has encouraged Leominster to retain its character and individuality; it certainly seems to have deterred the usual gang of chain-stores who have homogenised so many other market town High Streets. Instead we have independent shops galore providing food, clothes, housewares, gifts, toys, shoes, hardware – almost everything you need. Amongst them are scattered an assortment of shops specialising in Antiques and Vintage treasures.

Leominster accommodates fourteen ‘Antique’ outlets hosting literally dozens of vendors. Various dealers in the town specialise in Furniture, Textiles, Clocks, Silver, Militaria, Tools, Books, Lighting, China, Glass, Kitchenalia in fact everything needed to furnish and enhance your home in whatever style takes your fancy. From heavy carved medieval oak to sputnik legged mid-century style icons and everything in between. Collectables are well represented with toys, glassware, pottery and china, enamel signs, etc. available throughout the town. A number of the shops also carry a range of vintage costume, clothing and accessories, ideal for themed parties!

The style of the shops themselves varies enormously from modern warehouse buildings on two levels through 17th century buildings, with exposed beams, on multi-levels to tiny bijoux shops with one small shop space. Some are piled high with exciting treasures and others are more subtle with beautiful displays of quality antiques in tasteful settings.

Ask for an Antiques Guide when you visit your first shop, this is a leaflet produced by one of our local dealers to ensure that visitors to Leominster’s Antique shops do not get lost or miss anything. It contains a map and a brief description of the kind of stock carried in each of the shops. What better way to spend a day than to follow the map and experience a proper ‘blast from the past’ browsing and discussing the items and the buildings that house them? There are plenty of cafes and hostelries on the way round to keep you refreshed.

Leominster also houses an assortment of complimentary shops and workshops doing restoration work, re-upholstery, lampshades, lighting refurbishment, etc. So if your purchase is in need of some attention Leominster can probably provide what you need.

Leominster offers ample, inexpensive car parking, a museum, an excellent park and play area at the Grange, ports facilities, a swimming pool, a skate park, pubs, cafes, a wide range of beauty treatments and pampering – a good day out for everyone in the family – even the ones who don’t want to peruse all the quirky, interesting stuff in the Antique shops.

We look forward to seeing you!

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