The Tortoise and the Hare

Hire a Camper van or Motorhome for your next adventure

The Tortoise and the Hare

You might have visions of route 66 in your mustang and a sports car might get you to your destination fast, but a camper van will enable you to take in the sights and arrive at your destination in style, comfort and at your own pace! If you’ve ever fancied going on a road trip, now you can with a camper van!

Imagine setting off into the sunset, with your home for the duration of your trip Рon your back? You can follow your dreams along the road you choose to take, stopping off for a cuppa on the way; whenever you feel like it!  Everything you need is in easy reach, you can stop off at plotted campsites or go wild camping off grid.


If you’re interested in going on your own road trip, contact Tim at on 01568 612436 / 07966 007649 to Hire a Camper van or Motorhome for your next adventure.

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